EWM Webinar Series – 2018

The first three parts of the Webinar Series are aimed at showing our viewers why the future of SAP EWM is NOW! Part Four of our series will focus on MSCG’s implementation of SAP EWM at Patterson Companies. We conclude with a special look into the SAP EWM Roadmap delivered by SAP’s Chief Product Owner of SAP Extended Warehouse Management Jorg Michaelis

Part 1
The Future of Warehousing & Distribution is here with SAP EWM

Part 2
Streamline Order Fulfillment and Increase Customer Satisfaction with SAP EWM

Part 3
Upgraded Warehouse Reporting and Dashboards with SAP EWM

Part 4
How Customers have Utilized SAP EWM to Overhaul Business Processes and SAP’s Road Map for EWM

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