The new face of SAP Supply Chain Management is Integrated Business Planning (IBP). IBP offers supply chain planning in a new cockpit format. Integrated with APO, IBP can be a powerful tool for Supply Chain Management. My Supply Chain Group will help you work through your needs and help you decide which tool is right for your business need.

My Supply Chain Group is best positioned to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your “S&OP on HANA” initiatives due to:

  • Comprehensive understanding of game changing capabilities & potential of SAP “S&OP on HANA” and
  • Extensive experience in delivering S&OP solutions with supply chain planning, collaboration, what-if scenarios and proactive trade-offs between demand and supply for optimal profitability enabled by SAP SCM Advanced Planner & Optimizer (APO) & Business Warehouse (BI) solutions.

What’s the Difference between S&OP and IBP?

According to some supply chain practitioners, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) does not sufficiently emphasize tighter integration of the monthly planning process with strategic, financial and budgeting process. What’s needed is a solution that enables companies to enhance maturity level of the monthly planning process from merely reacting to events & market changes, or anticipating them (forecasting & planning) to collaborating with all stake holders and best of all, orchestrating this process on a repetitive basis to shape demand-supply balance & enhance profitability.

Why Pursue S&OP / IBP Now?

Market pressures of uncertain economic conditions and greater service level expectations from customers necessitate greater agility. Volatile demand & complexities of multi-tiered supply chains expose already strained organizations to greater risks of supply-demand mismatch. Also, growing number of stakeholders and need to analyze massive amounts of data for prompt what-if analysis increase the importance of enabling technology to meet these challenges.

However, ground reality of non-integrated systems / spreadsheets and inability to quickly move between what-if simulations at detailed operational level & executive review at aggregate level has held many companies from enhancing the maturity level of their S&OP / IBP process.


SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) is the game-changing in-memory computing appliance from SAP that combines column-oriented, relational database software with pre-tuned server, storage, and networking hardware to support real-time analytic and transactional processing. Its real power lies in its ability to give real time answers to real time questions based on detailed level data instead of having to run pre-defined queries on aggregated or summarized (non-real time) data.

What Is “S&OP on HANA”?

“S&OP on HANA” is the solution from SAP for a mature S&OP process enabled by HANA. The On-Premise & Cloud-Based solutions provide simplified spreadsheet views, analytical capabilities, ability to easily consolidate data from multiple systems, real-time planning, what-if scenario analysis with unified data model and embedded context-specific social collaboration to enable quicker executive decision making.

How should we proceed with S&OP on HANA initiatives? My Supply Chain Group (MSCG) makes the following recommendations:

  1. Get early wins with phased approach for smaller business units preferably across the entire S&OP planning process before extending the learnings & benefits to larger and more complex business units.
  2. Exploit out-of-the-box S&OP model and data integration to reduce implementation time and costs.
  3. Reconfigure the S&OP solution quickly as your business needs & objectives evolve.
  4. Enhance maturity level of processes and skill-sets continually to orchestrate S&OP through market-driven value networks

Why My Supply Chain Group?

My Supply Chain Group is best positioned to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your S&OP on HANA initiatives for the following reasons:

Many of our partners and consultants are already trained & certified by SAP for S&OP on HANA.

Supply Chain is our core focus. MSCG consultants have extensive experience implementing S&OP solutions with supply chain planning, collaboration, what-if simulations and proactive trade-offs between demand and supply for optimal profitability enabled by SAP SCM APO & BI solutions. Similar functionality with enhanced value proposition is at the heart of SAP’s S&OP on HANA solution.

  1. SAP is the only solution platform we have focused on & have deep expertise in since mid-1990s.
  2. MSCG consultants have delivered SCM solutions for more than fifty Global, Fortune 500 and mid-size companies across many industry verticals.
  3. Our highly experienced consultants incorporate leading edge best practices & processes to ensure value maximization & risk mitigation in your supply chain initiatives.
  4. MSCG consultants decipher trends, fads, opportunities and challenges. They lead from the front delivering solutions and not excuses.
  5. Our past successes and proven expertise in the supply chain arena are reflected in our Strategic Services Partnership with SAP, which has brought us in at many high profile clients.
  6. Even large consulting firms partner with us to deliver supply chain solutions to their clients.